In Love with The Aloha State: My Third Trip to Hawaii

Aloha State
Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace. — Paul Theroux As a full-time travel blogger, I’m frequently asked about my favorite destinations around the world. My answers, depending on my current whims and the energy I have to delve into such a query, range from a carefully calibrated, heartfelt list of […]

A Long Los Angeles Layover

Los Angeles
Okay, I finally admit it — I love LA now! After leaving the UK, Ian and I diverged for two and a half weeks so I could fly back to New York to catch up on some work and then jet down to Florida to see my aunts in Tampa and head to Orlando for the […]

Saying Goodbye to the UK in Liverpool

I used to think a two week trip sounded like forever — now I feel like it goes by in a blink! After three nights each in Brighton, London, Bristol and Anglesey, I had just two nights left for my final stop before catching a flight back to New York — Liverpool! The first night was […]

A Weekend in Wales

I’m going to make a very un-hip travel confession: I was super excited to go visit Wales for the simple reason that it was a new country to add to my list — and before anyone gets worked up, I am aware that Wales is a part of the United Kingdom — however for silly fun […]

Chasing Banksy in Bristol

Bristol, England Travel Blog
I’ll be honest: I wasn’t too fussed with visiting Bristol while planning our United Kingdom trip. Brighton had been my big personal priority, and the rest of our trip was mostly about visiting friends around the country — with one of Ian’s besties living in Bristol, it was pretty much automatically added to our itinerary. (Though […]

What To Do in Brighton: The UK’s Coney Island

Here we are, catching up on my black hole of content from September of 2016 to April of 2017! So excited to be turning my detailed notes and journals into blog posts from the United Kingdom, Hawaii, Jamaica, Thailand and Bali! Shall we head to the UK together, then? Thanks for joining me on this trip […]