Total Travel Disasters: Lost License Edition

Since I started my little “Total Travel Disasters” series, I’ve highlighted travel meltdowns in which I was, more or less, an unwitting victim. Getting screwed with a broken camper rental. Being targeted by a bed and breakfast tyrant. Finding ourselves on the wrong side of a battle with a rental car in Britain. This post is […]

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A Long Weekend in Waikiki

Waikiki seems to be one of those places that some travelers love, and some travelers love to hate. I’d been to Waikiki before, and had seen many of it’s major sites — Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, The Aquarium, a sunset booze cruise and beyond — but I’d never actually stayed there or taken the time to […]

In Love with The Aloha State: My Third Trip to Hawaii

Aloha State
Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace. — Paul Theroux As a full-time travel blogger, I’m frequently asked about my favorite destinations around the world. My answers, depending on my current whims and the energy I have to delve into such a query, range from a carefully calibrated, heartfelt list of […]