The Wanderland Dive Guide to the Florida Keys

Scuba Diving Guide to Miami and the Florida Keys
­This post is brought to you by PADI and The Florida Keys & Key West. As a scuba addict with a US passport, I recently noted an almost embarrassing omission from my dive log: the one, the only, Florida Keys. The 120-mile stretch of islands is home to the only living coral reef in the continental […]

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Total Travel Disasters: Outdoorsy Road Trip Rental Edition

Road Trip
Everyone loves looking at beautiful travel photos and hearing about absolute dream trips. But I’ve learned, in my six years of travel blogging, that there’s something most people love even more: hearing about someone else’s absolute, total, complete travel disaster. Perhaps it’s the dark humor, perhaps it’s knowing we aren’t alone in our own personal misadventures […]

Hotel Crush: Avalon Hotel St. Pete

St Pete
Remember back at the beginning of the summer, when I wandered over the bridge from Tampa and fell head over heels in love with a little place called St. Pete? When I returned to Florida a few months later and found a few free days in my schedule between my influencer campaign in The Space Coast […]